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Microblading Myths

Semi Permanent Brows created by machine

Are you going to shave off my eyebrows?

Absolutely not! Having been a HD Brows Stylist for three years I appreciate the importance of each and every brow hair. I have spent too much time growing client’s eyebrows back into shape that there is no way I am then going to shave them off. Sometimes no matter how much you leave your brows though, there is only ever a certain amount of hair that is going to grow back and that’s where Semi Permanent Makeup is a blessing. I tattoo extra hairstrokes in between your existing brow hair to make them appear thicker. The texture of your own brow hair makes it even more natural looking….

Will my eyebrows be black?

Not unless you want them to be! But even then, the darkest shade I use is Dark Toffee by LI Pigments. It heals a dark brown/black at first but once healed it’s a dark brown. I have a variety of other pigment shades I use as well so whether you’re blonde, grey, auburn or brown – I’ll be able to find a colour to suit you and your skintone. All colours do heal darker for the first week though so keep this in mind when you’re having your brows tattooed for the first time – you might want to go for a lighter colour at first and then have them topped up darker once you’re used to them.

Will they look fake?

Not if you choose a hairstroke or combination brow. Hairstroke brows are pretty self explanatory, combination brows are a hairstroke brow with the colour blended over the top so they’re not sitting on a bare background….

Will my eyebrows fade blue?

There is a lot to be considered when choosing a pigment colour for your brows – it’s not necessarily about light or dark, it’s about warm or cool. Cool skintones need a warm brow colour otherwise the brows will be too cool and appear blueish. Warm skintones need a cool brow colour otherwise they’ll end up too warm and appear reddish. Ultimately as your Semi Permanent Makeup fades, reds and blues are the strongest colours and the last to leave the skin so when you feel as though either of these shades are showing through it’s a good indication that you’re due to have your colour boost treatment.

Will I end up with four eyebrows? Yes, I really get asked this quite a lot…

I’m sure everyone remember when this story popped up in the Daily Mail this year, in case you’re not familiar let me refresh you’re memory.. click here.

From the looks of the photograph – the brows have been shaved off, tattooed in the wrong place and then her natural brows have grown back below the tattooed ones. EEK! Number one, I don’t shave off brows. Number two, I measure brows before tattooing and show you the shape to approve before I begin. And number three, I use your natural brow hair as a guideline – no matter how much brow hair you have, your brows have to look natural on your face.

Are they an actual tattoo?

Well it’s not a tattoo, as in the tattoos you see David Beckham sporting but it is Cosmetic Tattooing whereby a needle is used to implant pigment into the skin. Anything classed as Cosmetic Tattooing/ Semi Permanent Makeup/ Microblading doesn’t go as deep into the skin as a standard tattoo meaning it will ultimately ‘grow out.’ How long this takes depends on several factors such as skin type and lifestyle.

If you're thinking about Semi Permanent Brows and need some extra reassurance, get in touch :)

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