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Brow Lamination - What is it?

You've probably heard everyone talking about it, you've probably seen all the photographs on Instagram yet you don't really know what this Brow Lamination trend is all about, so let me explain...

Brow Lamination is the equivalent of getting your hair chemically straightened... A perming solution is used to reset the brows so they stand straight and look fuller. The first stage of this process involves combing your brows up and glueing them into position. Then two solutions are applied, one after the other, these do the job of breaking down the bonds inside the hairs and resetting them in a new, straight style. See the image below for an example of a brow that has been laminated (left) compared to one that hasn't (right) ...

Every treatment is finished by conditioning brows in order to rehydrate them - they have been through a chemical process after all. It is important to note that no water should go near the brows for 24 hours after the treatment. In terms of other aftercare - a clean mascara wand and a touch of coconut oil should be all you need to keep these brows looking fluffy and fabulous.

These brows are ideal for those who love the fluffy brow look but struggle to achieve it due to their curly or wiry brows. Thin brows are also good for this treatment as by standing the hairs up, you instantly double the thickness of your brows - think about how slim the brows look when they all lie down compared to when you brush them up? Now imagine if you could keep that brushed up look for 6 weeks...

We include a tint and wax with the Brow Lamination treatment, which is currently on offer for £30 until the end of November. If you have any questions or would like to book in, just message us on here or by text - 07791891361.

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