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HD Brows Expections

HD Brows are the number one brow treatment in the UK

I wrote this blog for anyone who is HD Brows. Below are some of the most common things I get asked about the treatment. If you don’t find the answer to your question below then just get in touch.

How long do HD Brows last?

Around 4-6 weeks. I recommend not over cleansing the brow area as it’ll just encourage the tint to fade quicker.

Do HD Brows wash off?

Any makeup that is applied at the end of the treatment will of course wash off and the tint will fade over time. I always get my clients to hold a hand mirror and watch where I apply any brow makeup so they know how to apply it themselves. Makeup is usually applied to disguise areas that require some regrowth. To maximise the staying power of your tint make sure you avoid using soap, makeup wipes, harsh cleansers or exfoliators over your brows. When washing your face, simply rinse your brows.

Can I get HD Brows from one treatment?

Yes definitely but it does depend on how much brow hair you have there and when was the last time you tweezed/waxed/threaded. Some people need to go on a regrowth programme so some areas of the brow may be filled with pencil to create the perfect HD Brows shape. Each time you have HD Brows less and less makeup will be used as more and more hair grows back.

Can I have HD Brows if I’m blonde?

Absolutely I have a choice of tint colours including light brown and natural brown.

How long do HD Brows take?

The HD Brows treatment takes around 30 minutes to do.

Do I need a patch test for HD Brows?

If you’ve never had HD Brows before then yes. The HD Brows patch tests can be posted to you or collected from reception.

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