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The Difference between HD Brows & Semi Permanent Brows

People find my website by asking lots of different questions through Google and this often inspires the subjects of my blog posts! So the difference between HD Brows and SPMU is something someone wanted to know about yesterday and here’s the answer…

No they are absolutely NOT the same things! Let me expand on that a bit more though… HD Brows is a seven-step brow shaping treatment using tint, wax, thread, etc. This treatment is about shaping your existing brow hair or regrowing it into the perfect brow shape for your face. I can improve symmetry, add an arch, slim or thicken the brow and tint colour comes in several different shades so they can be as natural or bold as you’d like. HD Brows with me are £25, take 40 minutes to do and last 4-6weeks with strictly no tweezing in between appointments!

HD Brows

SPMU is also referred to as Semi Permanent Makeup, Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing. This procedure involves implanting pigment with a tiny needle into the skin to replicate brow hairs. The hairstroke brows are my most requested style of micropigmentation as they look the most natural. Semi Permanent Brows cost £200 (including a 6 week top up), takes 1.5 hours to do and lasts 12-18 months before requiring a colour boost.

Semi Permanent Brows

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