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Shall I have Semi Permanent Brows or HD Brows?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

HD Brows is a great treatment and it has helped me reshape and regrow hundreds of pairs of brows. But when I trained in Semi Permanent Makeup I did so because I recognised a few advantages that it had over HD Brows…

HD Brows

You do need brow hair to have HD Brows, you don’t for SPMU

If you don’t have much existing brow hair or regrowth then it’s more than likely that the hair follicles are redundant and no matter how good your HD Brow Stylist is we can’t work with nothing. If I feel I can’t make a difference to my clients eyebrows then I tell them straightaway, last thing I want is for you to waste your money on brows that will be 95% drawn on and therefore going to just wash off straightaway. Semi Permanent Makeup is a great alternative though and you can have it whether you’ve got bushy brows or completely bare ones. Hair strokes are drawn through any existing brow hair to fill out your shape and make it more defined.

HD Brows tint will fade quicker with the sun, sweat, chlorine & cleansers

If you’re a sporty, gym going, sun worshipper then the HD Brows tint probably isn’t going to last you as long as they should. To get 4-6 weeks out of your HD Brows tint you’d need to cover your face in the sun, avoid swimming everyday and don’t over cleanse the brow area.

Now when you go on holiday, sun and chlorine are pretty much part of the package so I often suggest my HD Brows clients have a darker tint so it can resist the elements! Your HD Brows shape will be perfect, you will just need to maintain it with the HD Brows Palette or Pencil once the tint has gone.

Semi Permanent Makeup is the more low maintenance option as it is completely waterproof so it’s not going to come off in the pool, at the gym or on holiday. Too much sun exposure will make it fade quicker meaning you might need a colour boost sooner but it won’t completely disappear on you.

HD Brows last 4-6 weeks, SPMU lasts 12-18 months

Obviously we would all like our brows to look perfect permanently but these are the realistic timeframes you can expect from both. As you can see HD Brows do require doing on a more regular basis but that’s not to say you might not get 8 weeks out of them – some of my fair haired clients with little regrowth do. And some embrace the bushy look in between visits and just prefer to get them done on special occasions so when you’re having HD Brows done, you’re not making too much of a commitment.

Before & After Semi Permanent Brows

Semi Permanent Makeup however, IS a commitment and you should be sure before you have it done because it is not easily removed. Although it’s great that it lasts 12-18 months I would recommend trying HD Brows first so you can get used to a new brow shape. I also offer all my clients a free consultation before having Semi Permanent Brows so that they can see what shape I recommend for them and I can show them what colours I recommend for their skin tone. I also discuss whether you’d like the brows to be block, blush or hair stroke – this basically depends on how natural you want the brows to look.

Get in touch if you have any questions!

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